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www.coin-vestltd.biz is an investment company, – team of professional traders focusing mainly on Bitcoin and other crypto currencies trading over multiple Exchanges and markets.

About company

offers a unique opportunity for everyone who wants to make money on investing in the progressive currency Bitcoin. Our main activity is the mining of the cryptocurrency, through the use of special computers – miners and algorithms used to solve complex equations. Increasing our capital in Bitcoins, we also carry out one more activity - the trade in cryptocurrency on the exchange.

Acting in two directions at once, we receive a stable profit, we guarantee the success of the project and the regularity of payments. We work around the clock, concluding the most successful transactions, trading on the exchange in order to get maximum benefits.

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Company Documents

Adress: 19 Craven Road, London, England

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Profitability Chart

  • Invested

    $ 31378671.5

  • Withdrawal

    $ 58747732.98

  • Started

    Jan 1, 2017

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How to Invest

  • 1
    To become a member of the project, you need to register. Click on the appropriate button on the page and follow the instructions.
  • 2
    Select the service plan.
    It is very simple to make a deposit – make a deposit by selecting a service plan in your personal account or on the appropriate page.
  • 3
    Get a profit.
    Percentage on the deposit will be accrued after 24 hours - this means that you can withdraw your profits almost immediately.

Service Plans

To participate in the investment project, you must make a deposit by selecting one of the proposed service plans. Since we are working with Bitcoin, your investment should also be in the cryptocurrency. To accurately calculate your profits, use a special calculator.

First Plan
  • Min/Max amount:
    $30 - $499
  • Principal Return:
  • Duration:
    24 Hrs
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Second Plan
  • Min/Max amount:
    $500 - $999
  • Principal Return:
  • Duration:
    48 Hrs
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Third Plan
  • Min/Max amount:
    $1,000 - $4,999
  • Principal Return:
  • Duration:
    72 Hrs
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Fourth Plan
  • Min/Max amount:
    $5,000 - UNLIMITED
  • Principal Return:
  • Duration:
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Advantages of Our Company

In a wide variety of investment companies, it is difficult to make the final choice, but only we offer the best conditions.

Daily Charges
Your deposit works for you exactly as much as you wish, and accruals are made every day.
Stable income
We work around the clock - this means that your money is constantly in circulation and your profit grows every hour.
Instant payments
Getting your profit is very simple - you make out an application in your personal account and in a moment receive money for your wallet.
Professional team
We have many years of experience working on stock exchanges and in the sphere of cryptocurrency mining – you can completely entrust your investments to us.
Comfort and protection
Your charges are displayed in your personal cabinet, you can access it from any device, and all your accounts are securely encrypted.
24/7 Support
Our managers are always ready to answer the questions you are interested in - contact us in any convenient way and you will receive the necessary information.

Referral System

Getting a bonus from the company is always nice. Especially when it takes a minimum of effort. Just tell everyone about your success in our company and give your individual link to register a new investor. Once your referral makes a deposit, you earn a profit of 5% of the amount. The sub-referral will bring you 1% of the profit.

Level 1-5%
Your profit from referrals, which you invite by yourself.
Level 2-1%
The profit that will be accrued from sub-referrals – your second-tier partners.


Last Deposits

Username Payment system Amount
loli87 $ 9000.00
Muhammad9 $ 10000.00
Karishma $ 200000.00
choudhary $ 8000.00
journey $ 900.00
Asha $ 5000.00
hakimova15 $ 20000.00
Ergashevna $ 75000.00
Tukhugov $ 15500.00
Tukhugov1 $ 17000.00

Last Withdrawals

Username Payment system Amount
Wolf27 $ 24185.00
Sheik34 $ 45000.00
Asha $ 12500.00
Ari $ 12500.00
choudhary $ 20000.00
Qanbar $ 51872.00
Rukhmatulloh $ 500000.00
choudhary $ 1000.00
Hasin $ 82442.00
Nilima22 $ 25000.00